World of Broken Dreams

I walk down the sidewalk
Beside Powell Boulevard
Past the men with 40 ouncers
Passed out in the yard
There’s a boy of seven years
Gazing at the sky
With dreams of far-off places
Wishing he could fly
Away to join his father
Wherever he may be
They say he went back east
Somewhere near New York City

And I think that I’m the luckiest guy
On this planet so it seems
The luckiest guy In a world of broken dreams

I heard a busker busking
About all kinds of mournful things
About a woman who had left him
With two broken wedding rings
I sat beside a man
Heading home from far away
He was talking on his phone
And wishing for the day
That he’d once more see his lover
Who he left so far behind
A life lived in the distance
Was always on his mind


‘Cause when I walk thru the door
There’s a girl in front of me
Her eyes are full of wonder
It’s a wonder just to be
There’s soup upon the table
There’s rice inside a bowl
There’s a magic lady
With hair as black as coal
She asks me how I’m doing
She says she is alright
She smiles and she asks me
What I’d like to do tonight


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“World of Broken Dreams” appears on the 2009 CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away.

It’s a love song.