Yuppie Scum

If you’re not sure what you’re about, but you’re trying to find out
By moving from the suburbs to the city
If you’re looking for a base where you might find your place
By buying and developing property
If when you see a city block your first instinct is to knock
It down and build something new
If you think it’s funny to make yourself some money
Regardless of the renters that you screw
If you seek self-definition as you carry out your mission
To accumulate all the wealth you can
Then let me help you in your quest, you seekers of the west
For there’s a name for people with such plans

Yuppie scum (3x) fuck off

If when you see a diner you think it would be finer
If the place sold tapas and sake
If you just see perfection when you look at your reflection
And you’re sure we all just want to see the day
When folks like you succeed in swimming in your greed
Creating a new world in your image
If you feel some pangs of guilt about the buildings that you built
But you figure change always causes a bit of scrimmage
And besides, you rationalize, as you watch your high-rise rise
What you’re doing is all within the law
You’re sure these people know there are other places they can go
Just ignore the homeless families that you saw

If you are one of those who senses where the wind blows
So you decided you should run for office
Give the poor your blessing, spread the window-dressing
Give the little babies each a kiss
Act like you really care, rearrange the deck chairs
As you watch the homeless families shiver
Make a sympathetic sound as developments abound
As you sell the working class right down the river
If you lament the situation from the comfort of your station
As you say the city’s hands are tied
If you’d rather count your stocks than think outside the box
Then there is no question that you’ve chosen sides