Community-Supported Art (CSA)

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People don’t buy physical recordings much anymore, and most people rarely pay to download anything.  Mostly people get their music for free via streaming services these days — which is great for exposure, but terrible in terms of paying artists anything meaningful.

This situation — along with rapidly rising rents and closing venues across the US, UK and in many other countries — has created a crisis for artists, many of whom have been unable to continue recording, touring, etc.  Those of us who still manage to make ends meet are either getting millions of streams on a monthly basis (pop stars and some others) or we have successfully adopted the patronage model, adopting practices that community radio stations and organic farmers have been employing in the US for decades.

In a nutshell, you sign up through one of the “Subscribe” buttons below to be billed annually or monthly via PayPal, and you become a member of my CSA, at whatever level of support is affordable for you.

You can also join by becoming a Patron on Patreon or on Substack or by becoming a Subscriber on Bandcamp, by clicking “Join” on YouTube, or by sending a check in the mail.  Whichever platform you use, my main way of sharing exclusive perks with my patrons/subscribers/members is via a CSA email list.

I am set up to take any number of different forms of Crypto currency, and all are most welcome!  Just let me know which crypto address I can share with you.  My Bitcoin address is:  37sUwXAwYyT96AyzZHFDbFbfJQNeFknTig

There is now a $2 per month, Lumpen Circle option available only via Patreon, which includes lots of the perks of the other circles, along with my gratitude.

Thank you for your support!  Whether or not you can afford to join my CSA, if you know any fans of my music who aren’t broke, please feel free to tell them about it.  I am very happy for each one of the 250 or so people who are current members at any given time, but it would be amazing to someday reach my goal of 1,000 members!

Proletarian Circle – $50 per year

You get:

    • Access to a frequently-updated folder containing all the albums I’ve ever made in a studio, plus lots of other exclusive digital content.
    • A selection of several physical CDs and a vinyl record in the mail from my back catalog, depending on what I have in stock at the time, if physical merch is requested
    • A new album in your email inbox every time I record a new one
    • A spiffy plastic card, making you an official member of the Better Anarchist Club, which gives you free access to almost any of my shows around the world
    • A theme song written about you or whatever you’re up to, upon request
    • An occasional private lesson, in person or via video chat, on playing music, songwriting, making a living as a musician, or any other area of expertise
    • A 50% discount on all other merch, such as t-shirts and hoodies
    • My eternal gratitude

Billing options

Family Circle – $100 per year

You get all of the above, plus up to 4 Better Anarchist Club cards, so the whole family can come to shows for free. Plus you get one free “I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” t-shirt each year upon request – from onesies to XXXL, so as the kids grow, they’ll never outgrow this one!

Billing options

Concert Circle – $250 per year

You get everything from the circles above, plus an annual concert in your living room for your friends and family (or whoever else you invite) next time I’m touring in your part of the world.  OR an annual “house concert” broadcast directly on your Facebook Page (or other social media account).

Billing options

Song Circle – $500 per year

Everything above, plus, in addition to the one-off theme song, every year you can give me a subject to write a song about, which will ultimately be not only written, but professionally recorded. Several of my best songs have been written on commission like this. Luckily, people who want to pay me to write a song are always suggesting topics I would have wanted to write about anyway, so there’s no conflict of interests going on, in case you’re wondering…

Billing options

Central Committee Circle – $1,000 per year

All of the above plus, well, you tell me!

Billing options