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The podcast is a combination of new songs, audio essays, concerts, and interviews, many of which can be viewed live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.  You can subscribe by looking up This Week with David Rovics most places podcasts are found.

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In written form, my audio essays can be found on the This Week with David Rovics Blog and often as well on Counterpunch.  I also blog on Songwriter’s Notebook.

  • DIY Movement, DIY Media, DIY Music September 17, 2023
    The revolution actually will not be televised.  That hasn't changed.  If we want to build a real, lasting movement, it needs to be well-organized, it needs to produce its own media, and its own music.As Gil Scott-Heron pointed out a long time ago, the revolution will not be televised.  It also will not be streamed on Netflix, or promoted by social media […]
  • In Sight But Out of Mind September 13, 2023
    The way press coverage of the housing crisis is done, including the relative lack of it, is an insidious and terribly destructive example of social engineering.Over last weekend we had a visitor from the east coast.  Like most visitors from other parts of the country or the world, she was mainly struck by the sight of impoverished people living squalid lives […]
  • Playlist 9/11 September 11, 2023
    If not for the CIA, would either 9/11/1973 or 9/11/2001 have happened?We can't change the past, nor can we predict the future.  But if we take a cursory look at what's gone on on Planet Earth in my lifetime, it would be overwhelmingly reasonable to assume that neither 9/11/1973 or 9/11/2001 would have happened without the existence of the CIA and i […]


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“It’s not folk music unless the folk are singing it.”

Can a podcast change the world, or at least have a real impact on society?  Yes, it can, is my unequivocal response to that question.  So can music, and many other things.  But only if people hear it.  If you like this podcast, please share it with at least one friend — preferably many friends.  Do you know anyone with a radio show, or who works as a Program Director for a community radio station?  Know anyone who has a podcast, a blog, or who writes for any kind of online or print publication?  Know any producers who work for Pacifica, BBC or CBC?  Anyone who can introduce the podcast to a new audience, whether it’s one new person or thousands of listeners to a popular radio show, podcast or other broadcast, is appreciated — by me and hopefully by lots of other people as well.

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