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  • Armistice Day Centennial November 7, 2018
    On November 11th, 1918, the most deadly, most massive, most mechanized, most extended period of carnage heretofore known to humankind finally sputtered to a very temporary end. Tens of millions of men mowed each other down systematically with rapid-fire weapons of all kinds, which all the main warring parties had been investing in in an ongoing arms race for […]
  • Boys and Girls October 31, 2018
    Recently the Trump-Pence administration has once again been taking aim at the trans community. They seem to move randomly from attacking one marginalized community or another. Each time they launch a new attack like this, it seems they are simultaneously using it to put up a smokescreen, hiding some incident of massive financial corruption or a new deregulat […]
  • The Corbyn Factor October 24, 2018
    I'm currently on a tour around various countries in Europe. My first stop was England. My visit to England reconfirmed what I had witnessed on my last several tours of England. That is, there is in England a deep concern over the rise of the right in Europe and America, and a deep concern over how the ever-unfolding Brexit process is going to play out. […]

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