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The podcast is a combination of audio essays, musical events, and interviews, many of which can be viewed live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter most weekdays at 10 am Pacific Time and a concert on the last Saturday of the month at 1 pm Pacific, which appear in the Discussions With David playlist on YouTube and as episodes of the audio podcast, This Week with David Rovics, which is available wherever you get your podcasts, or by downloading the free David Rovics mobile app for your mobile device.

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In written form, my audio essays can be found on the This Week with David Rovics Blog and generally also as well on Counterpunch and Dissident Voice.

  • The Sweeps Stop Here? April 10, 2021
    There is something beautiful happening in Laurelhurst Park, on the east side of Portland, Oregon.  In my more optimistic moments, I wonder if this might be the beginning of a real solution to the ever-worsening and extremely dire housing crisis that increasingly characterizes urban -- and even suburban -- America.Whether or not that is the case, something im […]
  • I Heard A Rumor April 9, 2021
    The purpose of Portland Emergency Eviction Response is to make forced eviction a phenomenon of history, whether we're talking about mortgage foreclosures, evictions of renters, or "sweeps" of houseless communities.  We want to build a network that can effectively challenge these practices.Organizing this network, and working with people facing […]
  • Fixing The Stream March 24, 2021
    Why the launch of a new streaming platform by a Berlin-based company called Soundcloud on April 1st might shake up the music business and ultimately benefit millions of artists around the world -- if Spotify were to follow their lead.In the world of independent musicians around the planet who are still in the game and paying attention to these things, the mu […]


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This podcast, like everything else I do, as supported by members of my Community-Supported Art program.  But one-time donations are also most appreciated, and there are now various exclusive rewards available for those making such donations (with steep discounts for CSA members).


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“It’s not folk music unless the folk are singing it.”

Can a podcast change the world, or at least have a real impact on society?  Yes, it can, is my unequivocal response to that question.  So can music, and many other things.  But only if people hear it.  If you like this podcast, please share it with at least one friend — preferably many friends.  Do you know anyone with a radio show, or who works as a Program Director for a community radio station?  Know anyone who has a podcast, a blog, or who writes for any kind of online or print publication?  Know any producers who work for Pacifica, BBC or CBC?  Anyone who can introduce the podcast to a new audience, whether it’s one new person or thousands of listeners to a popular radio show, podcast or other broadcast, is appreciated — by me and hopefully by lots of other people as well.

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