Writing songs, playing music, touring, recording and producing podcasts is what I do for a living.  It only works because of people like you supporting my work.  Of course mostly people just listen to the songs and podcasts for free, and that’s fine.  But it only really works because a small core of supporters actually make monetary donations in one form or another.  Recurring donations are amazing — thus, joining my CSA is the best way to support.

But one-time donations are wonderful, too — and I now have a bunch of rewards to offer, which are exclusively for supporters of This Week with David RovicsCSA members are welcome to any of these items at the usual 50% discount — just email me!  There is no additional postage charge for mailing any of these items anywhere in the world.  For all the items other than the cap, the graphic on each item is like the one up top.


  • $25+ This Week with David Rovics sticker and postcard
  • $50+ This Week with David Rovics tote bag, sticker and postcard