Upcoming Gigs

I’m in England, Scotland, and Ireland in June, touring the Pacific Northwest in late July, the midwestern US in early October, Scandinavia in early November, France and neighboring countries in February 2024, and otherwise home in Oregon.

If anyone might be up for organizing a gig somewhere, I’d love to hear from you!  Here’s a little tutorial on the subject.

If a gig listed says “unknown venue,” it’s probably a house concert — just click on the listing for details.  If there’s no ticket link it means there’s probably going to be plenty of room at the venue, and you just show up and bring cash with you for the door charge.

Some of these gigs are children’s concerts!  If you didn’t know I did music for kids, too, this is what that’s about (click the link and scroll down a little to hear the music).

There are graphics for many of the gigs, below.  Please feel free to download and share them publicly anywhere, and/or with individuals you may know in towns where I’m playing!

You can also follow my gig listings via Bandsintown.

David Rovics tour dates