Punk Baroque

Goal:  $5,000
Raised so far:  $2,094

Since last summer I have become reacquainted with the instrument I played as a child, the cello.  Except now it’s an electric cello, and I’m playing chords on it and singing.  Which I think works really well.  You can check out primitive live recording of a recent house concert and get an idea of what I’m up to.img_20161203_213654

So here’s the drill:  regardless of this particular crowdfunding campaign, I will be making an album with the cello in a recording studio sometime in 2017.  The question is, will it be a two-day solo recording project, or will it be something a bit grander, with a violin player and another singer.  Which is ideally what I’d like to do, if enough people think that’s a good idea — and if enough people share their enthusiasm by donating via the button up top, or by joining my CSA.

I think such an album as what I’m imagining, with bowed strings and voices, will be really cool.  Maybe even ground-breaking.  Maybe it’ll take the music world by storm, who knows…  But as is generally the case for me and most other musicians, more than ever in the new post-CD reality, there’s no way I can spend that kind of money on a recording project unless I raise it from my supporters first.  If you all see fit to fund this project, I’ll start making plans to get the musicians together, book studio time, and all that!

Awards for donations:

  • $5+:  the album in your inbox when it’s done
  • $25+:  the album, plus a heartfelt “thank you” in the credits
  • $50+:  all of the above, plus a guitar or cello or songwriting lesson, in person or by Skype
  • $75+:  all of the above, plus a link to download everything I’ve ever recorded in a studio
  • $250+:  all of the above, plus a house concert next time I’m in your area
  • $500+:  all of the above, plus I’ll write a song on a topic of your choice, and record it

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