Rostrevor Video Project

Goal:  $5,000
Raised so far:  $125

On most of my recent gigs in England, Scotland and Ireland, I was accompanied on stage by a brilliant singer from Glasgow named Lorna McKinnon.  You can see a high-quality clip from one of the last concerts on our tour together, in Rostrevor, Ireland, below.

The clip of the concert above uses audio that was recorded by sound engineer Fra Sands.  The video was a five-camera shoot, later edited by George Kingsnorth.  This clip — and the full concert that you will have access to if you donate $1 or more using the button up top — is a High Definition video with professional-quality audio.

It is also what’s known in the business as a “rough cut.”  What that means is George, who did this sort of thing for BBC for many years, edited the footage from the five cameras more or less in real time, as you would if you were mixing the video for a live broadcast of a concert or other event on TV.

This edit in itself is really cool, as I hope you’ll agree.  What’s even cooler, and much more time-consuming for George to produce, are individual music videos for each song.  Making these would involve a more careful process of mixing shots from the five cameras, plus the addition of footage from other places that serve to enhance each song’s video.

Creating those individual music videos is what I’m calling the Rostrevor Video Project.  It’s not something I can afford to do without your help.  It’s also not something I need to do.  But I’ll very happily go ahead and do it if you (and a bunch of other people) think it’s a good idea — and tell me this by sending money.

I think it’s a worthwhile project because well-made music videos like the ones George would make tend to get viewed a whole lot more than less professional music videos, from my experience.  And I think that this fact makes it worthwhile.  (Whoever’s in the White House.)

As always, those of you who are willing and able to go further than a one-time donation (though that in itself is very much appreciated) and support my work by joining my CSA also get access to the full concert video — and lots more stuff like that.

Awards for donations:

  • $1+:  access to the full “rough cut” of the concert video, as well as a separate audio download of the concert
  • $25+:  the video and audio, plus a heartfelt “thank you” in the credits of one or more of the videos, unless you’d rather be anonymous
  • $50+:  all of the above, plus a guitar or cello or songwriting lesson, in person or by Skype
  • $75+:  all of the above, plus a link to download everything I’ve ever recorded in a studio
  • $250+:  all of the above, plus a house concert next time I’m in your area
  • $500+:  all of the above, plus I’ll write a song on a topic of your choice, and record it