Dream Guitar Fund

Who should have a Collings?  I’ll leave that up to you.

At the risk of sounding wildly out of touch with the basic realities of most of the people I generally sing about:  it is a bit of an open secret in the classical music circles I grew up in that serious professionals in this world often own an instrument that is worth more than their car.  Often quite a bit more, since a lot of these folks place far more value on the quality of their instrument than on the quality of their car, and of course if they live in New York City or someplace like that, they likely don’t have a car anyway.

Thankfully, I guess, outside of classical music circles it’s less like that, and even the best instrument anyone is likely to buy costs a lot less than a new car.  But they’re still expensive.  So the short story is, this is my dream guitar, a Collings.  As with many other players, I fell in love with these guitars the first time I tried one, at a music store in Texas, where they are made.  I was in the market for a new guitar at the time, almost two decades ago now, and I bought a nice one, that was a lot less expensive than this one.  It’s a fine guitar, but I always wanted this one, and I still do.

Having an extra $5,150 around to spend on a guitar never seems to happen, so I posted on Twitter and Facebook that if there were anyone with a lot of money out there who might be inclined to buy me a new guitar, I would really like a Collings.  I very soon got an email from someone who asked if I took crypto, and said he’d pitch in $1,000.  Being one-fifth of the way there already, then, I thought maybe a Dream Guitar crowdfunding campaign is in order.  Whatever comes in through this Donate button will go into the Dream Guitar fund, and the guitar will be purchased when we’re successful, whenever that may be.  By my next birthday?  When I’m 64?  All good either way.

To donate with crypto currencies, please feel free to ask me which crypto address I can give you.  I have it all organized on Coinbase.  If you use the most popular crypto currency, my Bitcoin address:  37sUwXAwYyT96AyzZHFDbFbfJQNeFknTig

Goal:  $5,150
Raised so far:  Goal reached!