Online Event Hosting

As with events in the physical world, you can rent the venue, be the MC and do the sound yourself, or you can enlist someone to help you do those things, and do them better.

If you’ve ever tried setting up a small sound system and using it for people to speak or perform through, while perhaps also hosting an event at the same time and keeping things moving smoothly on the stage, you realize that these things that seem very simple can go horribly wrong.  And that’s to say nothing of generating an audience, which is a whole other matter, along with many other factors.

In the physical world I’m not only a performer, but I frequently also set up small sound systems and do the sound for performers and speakers, and MC events.  I have now learned how to transfer these skills to the internet.  If you have seen any of the open mics I’ve been broadcasting on various platforms every Monday, and other livestreamed broadcasts most weekdays, you can get the idea of what I can offer as a host for any online event you’d like to put on.

Online event hosting options include:

  • Before the event starts, I can help each participant get the best sound and visual, depending on their technological limitations.
  • I can be the MC for the event, or I can produce from behind the scenes, never appearing on the screen.
  • We can broadcast on multiple platforms, individually or simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, Linked In and VK.
  • We can use whatever logos, banners, etc., that you would like to use, on the screen during the broadcast.
  • We can easily move from one person to another, so we only see/hear one person at a time, or we can have several people together, as we wish, with no mess or clutter.
  • All broadcasts are recorded as both a video (MP4), and as an MP3 (audio only, for putting up as a podcast).

Consultations are free!  If you want to go ahead and hire me to help you with an event, fees will vary wildly depending on your circumstances, whether you’re looking to do something on a recurring basis or not, and other factors.