And the Earth Spins Round Again

One day you’re working, the next you’re not
And what you have is what you got
You lost the job you thought you’d keep
You wake up at night, you can’t sleep
You got time now – time to dream
Time to break down, cry and scream

And the Earth spins round again

Sometimes your goals of any size
Just vanish in front of your eyes
And all that’s left is what you see
Like the squirrel outside your window in that tree
And on the man there on the screen
Who wants us to try injecting Listerine

The dice are up, no telling where
They’ll land when they come down from the air
Everything can change and fall apart
It can affect your lungs and your heart
Assumptions thrown, they’re in the breeze
Who knows what they’ll be, when we’re done with this disease

One day you’re OK, things are alright
then all of a sudden, overnight
Foreclosed, evicted, living in cars
Empty hotels and wine bars
Wake up to learn our collective fate
Depends on how we cooperate