Anthony’s Wiener

Anthony Weiner takes picture of his wiener
And sends them off to lots of women that he’s never met
Normally I wouldn’t care about some guy’s pubic hair
Except in this case it’s a politician we can hopefully soon forget

He wants to make New Yorkers proud and show he’s very well-endowed
To be the mayor of the city from which he sends his Tweets
He’s a good Democrat, he’ll go up to bat
For the people of New York, and the random women that he greets

Anthony Weiner’s wiener
These days it’s all the rage
To find out more about Anthony’s wiener
Just take a peek at the front page

I probably wouldn’t give a shit about his adolescent wit
Whether he was sexting after he resigned from Congress or before
I may not like his style as he issues his denial
But what really bugs me is he voted for the war


Now that it’s the second scandal, maybe we can pull the handle
And send Anthony and his wiener down some Flushing drain
And await the politician next who will send a penile text
One vile politician down, but far too many still remain


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“Anthony’s Wiener” originally appeared on the 2013 online album, Spies Are Reading My Blog. It is an almost inevitable response to the antics and otherwise generally sad case of former Congressman and former candidate for mayor of New York City, Anthony Weiner. Anyone with the last name of Weiner who repeatedly insists on sexting random young women with pictures of his wiener, while insisting on being a public official, in the public eye, doing things like running for Congress, has got it coming from harsh and unforgiving songwriters like me.