Corporations Are People, Too

A corporation doesn’t have to feed a family
A corporation cannot be unemployed
A corporation can’t get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Heart disease, brain tumors or hemroids
A corporation is set up with one motive
And that is not to judge what’s right or fair
A corporation’s only goal is making money
That’s why a corporation doesn’t care
A corporation can never sense the breeze upon its skin
Never know what it’s like to miss a meal
A corporation doesn’t have to worry
Because a corporation cannot feel

A corporation can never know the beauty
It cannot wake up in a grove of ancient trees
It only sees a hundred thousand dollars
And some mill jobs it can ship out overseas
A corporation can’t care for a child
Sickened by a toxic oil spill
A corporation only stands to profit
From interest on the loan for the hospital bill
A corporation never goes to funerals
Of any victims who may die along the way
A corporation cannot feel remorse
A corporation never really has to pay

A corporation doesn’t have a mouth
But it often has many a mouthpiece
A corporation cannot shoot a gun
But it can employ an army of police
A corporation can never go to prison
No matter how horrible the crime
But a corporation can send lobbyists to Congress
To make sure more of us are doing time
A corporation doesn’t feel the pain
Of a child raised by a TV set
And the corporations will just get bailed out
If their clients fall too deeply into debt

Corporations can’t be rounded up and shot
A corporation can’t be tortured through the night
A corporation can’t be blown up by an IED
A corporation cannot ever see the sight
A corporation can’t be killed by a tsunami
A corporation cannot drown beneath the tide
A corporation doesn’t care who wins the war
If they can just sell weapons to both sides
A corporation exists only to make money
A corporation never questions why
A corporation doesn’t suffer consequences
Because a corporation doesn’t live and doesn’t die

A corporation doesn’t have to feed a family

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Corporations Are People, Too

“Corporations Are People, Too” originally appeared on the Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change, 2013.

It was a response to Mitt Romney’s statement to that effect, but also a response to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.