Democrats Make Me Wanna Vomit

Wilson said he was an isolationist
And he would not send our young men off to die
But as soon as he won the race for president
That turned out to be just another lie
Truman said he wouldn’t kill civilians
And he didn’t want to hurt nobody’s mom
But as soon as he had the opportunity
He went and dropped the fucking atom bomb
Kennedy, he said he was a man of peace
But with the battle plan unfurled
He sent the US Navy to the Cuban shore
And then he just about blew up the world

Democrats make me wanna vomit
Liberals make me wanna hack
They love to talk like they are friends of you and me
And then every time they stab us in the back
Every time they stab us in the back

Then there is that guy we knew as LBJ
He was the one for “great society”
He sent his Air Force down to blow up Vietnam
To make sure that those folks were good and free
Jimmy was the one who talked of human rights
Human rights for everybody, ha ha ha
He was opposed to dictatorship and torture
That’s why he loved Suharto and the Shah


Bill was from a little town in Arkansas
He was just another Joe
That’s why when all the people said don’t do it
He went and signed the WTO
Some people might think I’m cynical
And I don’t know why that would be
So even though they voted for the war
Now I’m going for Barack and Hilary


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“Democrats Make Me Want to Vomit” originally appeared somewhere on the web, and eventually on the 2013 Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change.

For more than a century now, the Democrats have tried to paint themselves as the party of peace, among other things. The “hawks” are usually Republicans, and the “doves” are usually Democrats, in the popular imagination of the politicians and many of the people of the country as well. Nothing could be further from the reality, as history has abundantly proven. In fact, most wars the US has been involved in in the past century have either started or escalated under Democratic administrations, from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson to Bill Clinton to Barack Obama.