Parking Lots and Strip Malls

Well, plastic forks are fun and paper cups are cool
I like to be on the move when I eat my gruel
Don’t get me wrong, disposable diapers are really great
But my favorite feature of these United States are

Parking lots and strip malls, parking lots and strip malls
The world needs more parking lots and strip malls

Well, clearcut forests make me want to pray
Cut down those trees, let in the light of day
And those condos spread out so far and wide
But nothing beats parking lots, strip malls and the old ocean tide


I love to see those factories making useful stuff
And I go to the cineplex when life is getting rough
Driving down the highway, Mickey D’s is where I get my rest
But parking lots and strip malls are the places I love best


Sheet music for this song may be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“Parking Lots and Strip Malls” appeared on We Just Want the World (CD, 1998).

The United States is largely comprised of an endless series of parking lots and strip malls.  It’s easy not to know where you are.