Prime Group (Hot Tub Rat Song)

If you want to move to Portland, Oregon
Perhaps to be a student at Reed
When you’re thinking of moving to town
One of those things that you will need
Is housing, and if you find it it’s quite likely
Your landlord will be the Prime Group
And it seems awfully convenient
That their name rhymes with “poop”

Prime Group owns thousands of properties
All over the USA
The company is worth $7 billion
They got really rich by way
Of renting to folks like us
By charging the market rate
As they let all their buildings fall apart
Their investors think that’s great

Along with the bedbugs and termites
The raccoons and the alleycats
The mold spores and the dust mites
The algae and the rats

Prime Group gives good education
For those seeking a business degree
They can demonstrate in the real world
How great is the market that’s free
How much money there is to be made
When the fines are always so small
The inspectors will go away quickly
If they ever come at all

But not the bedbugs…

I’ve got no problems with rodents
As long as they’re not in my hot tub
The problem I have is with
Slumlords, that’s the rub
If I have learned anything
From my time living here
We need a tenants union
For sure that much is clear

To keep out the bedbugs…