Rent Party (the Randall Group)

Bank is empty, card is full
And no matter how hard I pull
The car don’t move, the rent is due
I’m not sure what else to do
Get a job, perhaps I should
Pulling shots or hauling wood
It’s a bit too late right now for that
So in the meantime, here’s my hat

‘Cause this world, I can’t afford
I’m throwing a party for my landlord

My landlord is a company
Which takes away all my money
As well as that of half the town
They’re slumlords of great renown
The Randall Group, the Group of Randall
You can bet they don’t need to panhandle
They own my building, they might own yours
Along with all of your mold spores


‘Cause at that time the rent is due
This is a red line for me, don’t know about you
Everything else just comes to a halt
When you get thrown out onto the asphalt
Call it funding from the crowd
Sounds so nice, it rhymes with “cloud”
Call it begging, I don’t care
Long as Randall gets their share