Rocking in a Rocking Chair

Papa’s in the kitchen making some eggs
Hannae’s in her bedroom sleeping
Our neighbor next door is making coffee
I can smell it steeping
I’m sitting here with my monkey
We make such a mighty pair
Looking out the window
Rocking in a rocking chair

Rocking, rocking
Rocking in a rocking chair (2x)

That’s my brother jumping on the couch
Going up and down and up and down
That’s my sister riding the tricycle
Going round and round and round
Me I’m on the front porch
With my fingers in my hair
Clapping with my feet
Rocking in a rocking chair


That woman walking to the house
She’s delivering the mail
She does that every day
Walking on the mail trail
She came up to the house
“How are you” I said
“Fine,” she replied, “but
I’d rather be rocking there instead”


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Rocking in a Rocking Chair

“Rocking in a Rocking Chair” appears on my second CD of children’s songs, Ballad of a Dung Beetle (2011).

People can get up to all kinds of things, but sometimes we’d all be better off just spending the day on the porch.