The FOP on Fire

I was at home with the kids when I woke up at 5 am
Looked at the news in time to hear pundits condemn
The actions of the arsonists who expressed so many desires
When they made a barricade and set the FOP on fire

It happened in North Portland on the 51st consecutive night
Of demonstrations in this city, in this epic fight
Between those who defend the inequities of the empire
And those with a vision for the future that starts with the FOP on fire

Between those who like to fumigate Portland’s lovely streets
Who prefer to use chemical weapons when they’re not wearing those white sheets
Or the ones who do Nazi cosplay, like some of the cops they hired
Just up until the night they set the FOP on fire

The cops drive from the suburbs, each day they come down
To defend the interests of the rich, such as the mayor of this town
And Mayor Ted loves his tear gas, though he might say that I’m a liar
But not the folks who last night set the FOP on fire

Let’s remember Aaron Campbell, let’s remember Kendra James
Let’s remember Alonso Tucker, say their names
And lets remember the many killers, in this progressive shire
As the smoke rose up behind them with the FOP on fire