When the Nazis Came to Rotherham

When the Nazis came to Rotherham
Most people stayed indoors and closed their blinds
Let them have their Nazi rally
Then try to leave the day behind

Then the Nazis came to Rotherham
In 14 months they marched 14 times
Always accusing every Asian
Of every unspeakable crime

Then the Nazis were there in Rotherham
When he was walking to the mosque to pray
Mushin Ahmed was beaten so savagely
That he died that way

Then when the Nazis came back to Rotherham
This time the town was in the streets
So this time the cops kettled the march
And this time they forced the march to meet

The Nazis who hang out in Rotherham
At a pub called the William Fry
Who were waiting for the kettled marchers
So they could attack them as they were passing by

And the police raid came at dawn
Awakening everyone
I was there with my family
Asking them what have I done

Attacked by the Nazis in Rotherham
They had to act in self-defense
How could this possibly be
A criminal offense?

The Nazis came to Rotherham
And then the Crown charged 12 men
For defending children from racist attacks
As they were forced to walk by the pub when

The Nazis came to Rotherham
And then prison hung over the heads
Of those who defended their children
Instead of cowering under their beds

The Nazis came to Rotherham
And the trial of the Rotherham 12
Was the consequence of Asian men
Who dared to defend themselves

Those who fought the Nazis in Rotherham
Could have gone to prison for years
But they were found not guilty
By a jury of their mostly white working class peers

The Nazis came to Rotherham
Some of them did time behind bars
Though the Rotherham 12 were acquitted
The families are marked by the scars

When the police raid came at dawn…