Last time I went to Trondheim that’s when I met you
In the Free State Svartlamon
That’s when I learned that there really is magic
In the land of the midnight sun
I don’t know what I did but I found myself on trial
Guilt or innocence
You were the judge and jury and the prosecutor, too
And I had no defense

I had to grab Bjorn-Hugo’s shoulder or else I would’ve fallen
Me, a married man of forty-four
Until then I thought life was pretty darn good
But since then I’ve only longed for more
Somewhere in China there must be people wondering
Whatever happened to that beautiful girl
She had to find out what was out there, live in a squat in Norway
Travel around the world

Yuan, Yuan, it’s times like these when
I look away and have to wonder why
Yuan, Yuan, each time I see you again
I never know if I will laugh or cry

You seem always to be grinning, joking with your friends
With a wit both kind and sharp
I don’t believe in angels but I couldn’t help but wonder
When I heard you play the harp
I don’t know how it works that a glint in someone’s eye
Can feel like I’ve been hit
By a load of Chinese bricks that knocked me to the ground
All I could say was “oh shit”


The day before life felt so full but now it’s only lonely
And the nights all seem so long
This notepad is all blurry, there’s this pit inside my stomach
And I had to write this song I met your boyfriend too, he’s a real gem
And I wish you both the best But I just couldn’t help it,
I had to write these verses And get this off my chest


“Yuan” is only on YouTube.

It’s a love song.