Dying on the Sidewalk (music by Virtual Bird)

Just down the road from here someone was shot
Thirty-one years, all the time he got
On Thirty-third Avenue, next to Cleveland High
Beside the street as I pass by
He was living in a tent – was that why
Someone decided he had to die?

In the halls of power, politicians talk
While their citizens are dying on the sidewalk

They declared a housing crisis years ago
What that means, no one seems to know
They’ll pay for a few condos, complain about the bubble
Ignoring the fact that the rent just doubled
While paying close attention to the money men
Who they hope will get them elected again


It’s like they’re talking about dirt, sweep them out of here
With people dying all around us every year
Over a hundred gone in 2019 alone
Those who don’t get shot, get frozen to the bone
Because the wind never blew and the sky never cried
Like it did for all of those living outside