In the Name of Freedom (En Nombre de la Libertad)

In the halls of power in Washington, DC
Now that the pandemic has the planet on its knees
Combined with the embargo, since they tightened up the screws
They see something flammable, they want to light a fuse
The empire can’t pass up a chance to undermine
And pursue their imperial designs

Los Estados Unidos se creen (The United States believes)
el paĆ­s elegido por Dios (It’s God’s chosen country)
para acabar con el mundo (To end the world)
en nombre de la Libertad (In the name of freedom)

From the halls of power in Washington, DC
To the collapsing buildings on the shores of Miami
You can see them on the TV, the crusaders of the north
Talking from the tent camps about bringing freedom forth
From the land where there’s a massacre each and every day
Listen to the president say

In the halls of power in Washington, DC
In the wake of all the blood they have spilled across the sea
And across the very nation they claim is so free
Where 1 in 4 children each night go to bed hungry
The riot police are rioting here somewhere every night
But other people need more rights