The Ballad of Woodspring Apartments and Hamilton-Zanze

Woodspring was built with a federal loan here in Tigard town
To be affordable housing, that’s how the loan went down
That’s why the loan was made, that’s why the complex is there
Because everybody needs to live somewhere

Hamilton-Zanze bought Woodspring and the only reason why
They knew the end of that affordable housing contract was nigh
At which point they could raise the rent to the market rate
Just as there’s a housing crisis all across the state

Just look for a good deal, never mind
All of the humanity you leave behind
Is the tent city part of your plans?
We’ll call it Hamilton-Zanze

Hamilton-Zanze say they care about all those families
Who live in all of those underperforming properties
Which offer such attractive rates of capitalization
So they’re buying apartment complexes all across the nation

Hamilton-Zanze make money, and that’s all they do
Take underperforming properties and then see who they can screw
They buy in markets with positive economic and demographic trends
Where the means will surely be worthy of the ends

Hamilton-Zanze makes money by doubling the rent
By not giving a shit who has to move into a tent
By buying where it’s hot, where there are buildings to be sold
Where you can kick the seniors out and turn their graveyards into gold