When the Workers of the World Combine

The fifth month of the year, on the first of May
Known around the world as International Workers Day
You’ll still see people marching in every corner of the Earth
St John to Santiago, Kerala to Perth
All keeping alive the fantasy, what could happen down the line
When the workers of the world combine

You can see us gathering early in the morn
Some are celebrating the shackles we have shorn
While so many billions are just waiting for
The moment that we might stop losing the class war
When someday we can all say yeah, we’re doing fine
When the workers of the world combine

When that time arrives, maybe it looks like May Day
Like a festival that comes home and doesn’t go away
Every race and gender, every walk and station
With the working class united, every land and nation
Then just watch what happens, when we follow the same sign
When the workers of the world combine